Hi, how are you? I’m mostly alive…maybe.

This is my place to let out the things I want to yell at fellow students or, maybe sometimes…never mind. (*cough* teachers *cough*). For the times I want to cry, and dare I say, give up. For when I don’t feel good enough, or smart enough to make it. It is also, just to share my journey with you, my reader. Maybe. If anyone ever does. Read it, I mean. Haha.

I am in my 30’s. I am married and a mother. I have 3 cats. I also love dogs. And obviously taking care of people…I don’t know, is it obvious that one cares about people just because one is a nurse these days? I digress, I will however be staying anonymous. Maybe I will get lucky and people will actually like this blog, and I am not about calling people out completely. In my head, definitely, outwardly, just not my style.

But as my website states….”Nursing school: the place I go to learn how to save your life, while simultaneously wanting to die.”


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