Yes, I paid to be here, and…who cares.

I also CHOSE to be here, I didn’t have to.

I am a 30-something college student. I am a nursing school student. I am in my 2nd quarter of classes, but my first quarter of nursing classes specifically (the true first quarter was pre-requisites). Nursing school is effing hard. How often do you take tests where there are two wrong answers, two maybe answers, and you have to pick the best one from those two “maybe” answers. This means both answers are applicable to the situation within the question, but only one answer is completely correct. Holy shit.

Granted nursing school should be hard, I mean we will be responsible for people’s lives once we pass our NCLEX. You would be surprised and terrified however, at how many people just want the answers handed to them instead of having to actually study. Like, it blows my mind. No, the teacher is not going to stand at the front of the classroom and give us all of the answers – how in the hell do you think you are going to learn anything. People put the teachers through the ringer, up one side and down the other, and then wonder why (and complain about how) they are defensive and bitchy. Does no one realize that it is because they are constantly verbally attacked by students??!! “You didn’t give us that answer”, or, “no one ever told us that specifically”. READ YOUR TEXTBOOK! USE YOUR STUDY GUIDE! Or one of the other f@*7#^!?$ resources that the school provides. The teachers are there to teach us the concepts, the best nursing practices as proven time and again, and to guide us when we need and ask for it. They ARE NOT there to give you every damn answer to every question on every test. They WILL NOT be there when you take your NCLEX, or (if you pass and get your license) when you are standing there holding a patient’s life in your hands. Come on people, buck up, take some responsibility and crack open your books. Listen, I understand we are all in different situations, and I am not saying there are no bad teachers, but if you CHOSE to go to nursing school, then do let’s do this right…together.

I have learned that one of the most important lessons we will need and should start using now, is to work together. Learning team work now, in school, is going to be tremendously beneficial in making it through this crazy ride and to your career. The nursing field is ALL about teamwork. You and I won’t have every answer for every patient, we will need help to save patient’s lives, or to speak to a doctor, and hell, even to keep each other in check. Let’s keep each other raised up, not tear each other down.

Oh and “CNA work” IS nursing work! CNAs are the bomb, and they make nurse’s work lives go a lot smoother, but there didn’t use to be CNAs. It is all nursing work; bathing the patient, getting them out of bed, changing briefs, etc. So don’t complain about it (or think you are “above it”), just do it.

And one last thing…”IF YOU DIDN’T DOCUMENT IT, IT DIDN’T HAPPEN!” – Nursing rule #1.

Stop b@#?$*%!. Work and study hard. Help people and help each other. #bethenurseyouwanttobecome


A 30-something nursing student

Photo Credit: To whomever originally shared the best snapchat photo ever. This is not my original photo.

2 thoughts on “Yes, I paid to be here, and…who cares.

    1. Thank you for the props, and holy tacos, for reading my words! It definitely is crazy hard, but totally worth it. Right? Haha. I hope so, #somanyemotions. I hope you find your path soon – maybe it is kind of like finding love – stop looking and it may fall in your lap😊.

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