I would clock 500 hours…and I did pass all my finals!

I. Made. It.

To the next term.

I am beyond proud of myself, and I have truly learned to tell that little voice in the back of my mind (you know, that one that tells you you don’t know anything) to SHUT THE 🤬 UP.

Now the hard part…doing my last assignment for a class. Ugh. I don’t wanna. My brain is so full I don’t want to read another anything about anything for a few days. Have you ever had one of those moments…hours…years maybe? But I have to. Right? Need to, if I want to stay on the Dean’s List. Damn you ambition!! *shakes fists at the ceiling*

I mean we all know that the Dean’s List doesn’t matter when we get into the real world. Just like we know the saying that “nurses eat their young”. Even the nurses I know that hate that saying, admit in the same breath that it is a true statement. The big bad scary world isn’t going to care about your academic achievements, or what ropes or sashes adorned your graduation garb. They will care about three things and three things only. Did you pass your NCLEX and receive your license to practice nursing? And, do you do your bleeping job? It will be our job, as it is every nurses job, to extend it past “just doing your job”. We have to add the human side, the side that fights for and cares for our patients. The side that gets angry when a patient doesn’t listen (yes, yes, right to refuse) to what they need to do or take, and then end up sick(er), or worse, dead. And we get angry because even though we know you cannot help someone who doesn’t want help, we want to help (and see) you thrive. Or give you the piece of mind and comfort to die with dignity (not talking angel of death stuff here – no worries). As nursing students we need to remember that we will be passed the torch from nurses who came before us to keep the heart of medical care beating. Doctors, pharmacists, techs, CNAs, phlebotomists, and all of the different medical professions are the arteries, veins, lymph-nodes, nerves, and organs of the medical body; but we, as nurses (and nursing students), we are the blood, we are the life force of medical care.

So, for now, I’m going to strive to be on the Dean’s List each term. I’m going to bust my ass now, learn how to best serve my patients now, and how to keep that ancient heart of medicine beating with rich (and knowledgeable) red ambrosia for the future.

Wish me luck y’all.

Hell, wish me to get through this with my sanity.


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