When you brain says, “Absolutely effing not!”

Laundry. Clean the litter box. Homework. Projects. Art. Communicating with loved ones……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

The list can go on and on, and on, and on. Ok, you get the point. Every day is a day of never-ending shit one has to do, unless you’re one of the 1%, or Bob. Bob lives in his mom’s basement, plays video games or jerks off all day, eats a lot of munchies, and never showers. I wouldn’t call that the glorious life, but eh, whatever floats your goat.

And some days, your brain looks you dead in the eye and says, politely at first, “It isn’t happening today. I’m wore out, you have run me ragged for I don’t know how long, and I am plum not doing anything today.”

But then you are all, “Come on dude, I have so much (put activity here) to do, can we at least just get a, b, and c done? Then I will let you rest, promise.”

Brain, again, looks you dead in the eye, “You. Are. A. F@#5!&>. Liar. You know it, and I know it. We will start this task, and you will say, oh just one more. Do you remember Thursday night? All I wanted to do was sleep, and you were all, let’s just read one more chapter, come on, it’s getting to the good part! And I said fine. WE READ 15 MORE CHAPTERS! I got 4 hours of sleep you bastard.”

You’re standing there, with your pants around your ankles, caught red-handed, and babbling like an idiot because you know your brain is right. At the same time you are hoping for a wing and a goddamn prayer because you have 3 assignments, 2 tests coming up, and so much more shit to do.

This exact thing happened to me on Saturday. I slept from 1230pm to 130pm, 230pm to 930pm, and then from 1130pm to 830am.

I don’t know how many of you reading this are in, or have been to nursing school, but it is definitely not a cake walk. I am absolutely exhausted by the beginning of every single weekend. There have been weekends where I have studied for over 20 hours, or at least made notes for that long. Because, let’s be honest, how much am I really retaining after say, 6 hours? But whatever, it works, I have done pretty damn good every term so far. Don’t fix what isn’t broke, right?

Alas, I woke up at 9am Saturday morning, planned my day, had my coffee and then my breakfast. Got everything all ready for studying and then of course my dad asked me to run a quick errand with him. Ok, hour later, now I am back, and ready to study.

I shit you not – I wrote a title, and one sentence, and then promptly passed out in my chair. I woke up and was like, hey it is lunch time. I made lunch, and while eating it, had the above conversation with my brain. Gave myself a pep talk, got hyped up. Alright, I am ready to study, LETS GO!!

Annnnnnd, no. I am asleep. In the chair. Again.

I chose this point to give up, and I climb in to my bed, and that was all she wrote folks, until 930pm that night. When I awakened, I was all, “hey, I’m hungry for dinner.”

So I had dinner, chatted with the fam for a little bit. I was thinking that maybe since I had slept ALL FRIGGIN’ DAY, that I would stay up a little late (It was 11pm at this point) and get some stuff done.

That was a big absolutely effing not once again. I laid down at 1115pm, asleep by 1130pm, and slept like a baby until 830am.

I can tell you one thing though, I feel absolutely effing rested.

Moral of the story – listen to your brain, or it will tell you to f@#% off, and do what it wants to anyway.

Found on: https://goodmorningsnoresolution.com/blogs/news/the-best-sleep-memes-on-the-internet-right-now

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