O.o Zzzzzzzzzz

Dudes, dudettes, non-binary, et al…living with a new bébé is damn exhausting, even when it’s not your wee bébé.

I’m. So. Tired.

But I passed two of my finals. 😱 I’m amazed but also proud – because even though I can’t remember what day it is most of the time, I am obviously retaining information somewhere inside this grey mushy mass they tell me is my brain. Haha.

This last week has been hell – but we survived.

The moral of this short but sweet blog post – is: Don’t. Effing. Give. Up. I know shit can be bad, I know it seems pointless or unattainable at times (whatever your goal may be), and some days you feel like the most stupid person you have ever met. BUT YOU AREN’T (the word “aren’t” is now in the dictionary, so no judgement😛)!!

As my best friend always says to me before a test…You got this b*tch!

So go get it peeps. #bethenurseyouwanttobecome

Click photo to see original poster of photo😊

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